About Us

        Tomzadip unofficially became a thing back in the 90’s when Tom, a self-proclaimed ‘dip,’ wanted to dry vegetables from his garden and turn them into a blend to be mixed with a sour cream or dairy substitute. He made it a few times and it was always devoured by his wife and kids but ultimately stopped making it until 2015 when one of his daughters asked if he still had the recipe.

        Knowing he had written the recipe down and placed it somewhere it wouldn’t get lost, Tom unfortunately suffers from being a ‘dip’ and couldn’t find it anywhere. He remembered everything he used in the mix, just not how much of everything he used. With help from his wife, kids, extended family, co-workers and so on, Tom created a new and improved Tomzadip and then immediately made two other flavors to choose from. Whether it’s Original, Hot, or Onion, we hope you’ll enjoy all the flavor each Tomzadip has to offer.